Interior design is a complex process, requiring attention to details, both in course of creating a general interior concept, and in course of its implementation. Shrewd planning, a step-by-step approach to implementation and precise execution allow perfectly implementing all the plans. In the beginning, a customer always has many questions: how will a person feel in the space created by us? How much will the interior be able to remain relevant while being out of time? What emotions will various people experience – from those just having a visit to the scrupulous professional critics? Therefore, the development and implementation of a design project is a multi-stage and rather labor-intensive process, divided into stages, which includes works performed by different specialists. The cost of developing a space-planning and interior design depends on the area of the premise and the complexity of the facility, as well as the idea to be implemented.


The first step is a meeting with the Chief Architect and Designer – Stanislav Azarov.  Direct work on the project begins with measurement, photofixation and determination of a facility technical condition. After this, together with a customer, we draw up a brief (terms of reference) with a detailed description of a customer's wishes and preferences down to the smallest details. On the basis of the brief we already compose a detailed moodboard – a set of images or collages representing alternative styles, furniture, accessories and equipment, we discuss the shape of a future house. This allows us orking with the most complete and up-to-date information from the very beginning and not to miss anything. A well-defined brief compiled by our specialists will help us to better understand you and understand your needs.


After discussing preferences, our team prepares a draft design – it contains several options for planning solutions, sketches and visual collages of stylistic and color solutions, as well as mood and concept boards, clearly demonstrating ideas of the future interior. After the draft design is approved, we prepare a photorealistic 3D visualization according to the chosen layout solution, to give a full picture of the project – with carefully selected finishing materials, furniture and lighting. At this stage you will be able to imagine your future interior and see it in several angles.


While making a 3D-visualization, to speed up the process, we also prepare a working design, which is adjusted after 3D visualization approval. It includes a complete set of technical documentation (drawings with specifications), necessary for implementation of the design project. A detailed and complete design developed in our studio will allow you to independently implement it. You can always contact us for advice. Design scope and an example of detailed design documentation.


After approval of the space-planning and interior design, you can move on to selecting a work team, requesting estimates for works and draft materials, and begin finishing or decorating. We are pleased to offer you several highly experienced teams that will do all the work quickly and efficiently, but you can have recourse to outside specialists’ services. At the supply stage we accompany a customer when purchasing the necessary materials and equipment, we conduct market research to find the best prices and deliver the goods to the facility. Thanks to an extensive database of suppliers, we can offer the complete supply of the facility with finishing materials and furniture in any price category. Customers can select all the materials themselves when required, we do not limit your choice, but only give recommendations based on many years of experience of cooperation with different companies. Scope of services for supply is included.


Final stage is the Author's Supervision, which is carried out by the author of the project to ensure the conformity of technological, architectural and stylistic, construction and other technical solutions provided for in the design documentation approved by a customer. Our experts regularly make control visits to the site in order to constantly monitor the correct and most accurate implementation of the author's design. List of works on Author's Supervision

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